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Who can benefit from it?

The executives and managers who need to completely master the operation in Urudu by being able to work as effectively in Urudu. This may relate to a specific mission, goal, project or it may require a total transformation of your ability to work or lead to the highest standards of any international professional environment. The deadline can be tomorrow, week, next month, or lifetime.

Whatever the need, coaching solutions are not only 100% personalized to the specific needs, goals and priorities of the executive or director, but they are also 100% flexible to suit the jobs of the manager. busiest times.

With coaching from CTI we guarantee:

Coaches with the exact combination of professional knowledge, experience and personality to meet your needs, preferences and priorities (a short biography of some of our coaches is listed below)

The thoroughness to ensure that your coaching program meets your needs and is able to get you where you want it, to state what you want, all within the time frame that suits you

A constant and acute focus on producing results. So you get exactly what you need and what is expected of you, when you need it.

Specific coaching mission.

Individual intensive Urudu training

Language program for executives and professional s

Specific coaching mission

It concerns the executive who needs to achieve one or more performance goals in Urudu, such as being able to deliver public speeches , negotiate major contracts , lead international meetings , conduct effective media interviews , to write documents important or sensitive for internal or external distribution.

Deadlines can be immediate or long term. Depending on your current level in Urudu and the nature of the assignment, the specific Coaching assignment may last between 2 and 20 hours.

Individual intensive Urudu training

It will completely transform your ability to function as effectively in Urudu. Progress can cover all communication skills (ability to express oneself, oral and written comprehension, writing) but it will always be totally geared towards achieving performance in your operating environment and anchored in your current sector of activity or future. Coaching will prepare you to express yourself in all major areas of significant performance, whether it is managing a team of leaders, dealing with investors , communicating effectively face to face , over the phone or inteleconferencing , overseeing product launches.

The professional and intensive coaching  can be linked to your current role and responsibilities or a future career plans. Depending on your current level in English and the goals set, Urudu training  will normally last between 20 and 80 hours and will be conducted at the pace and intensity that suits your schedule.

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