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Professional coaching

The career coaching is for its personalized support, introspective and individualized. It allows you to find what really drives you, to let your true nature emerge. The coaching method adapts and revolves around the individual. It is a deep reflection on yourself that will allow you to really know what you want today for tomorrow.

The possibilities studied are wider than in a classic skills assessment. Emerging trades or those requiring advanced skills are not set aside, which is very important in today’s market arena.

The coach’s job is to allow you to broaden your professional horizon by exploring all possible and imaginable axes while remaining connected to the reality of the market. You will thus have a good visibility of the feasibility and the viability of your new project.

You will also be supported in the process through a detailed action plan. This action plan makes it possible to determine the need or not for training and to establish the different stages to carry out your retraining.

Career coaching is for all people who are in a personal process of reflection. It can intervene at the very beginning of the process without a precise starting point or according to a desire, a need or a skill that you wish to develop. This approach offers a lot of freedom and therefore opportunities to reinvent yourself professionally. It is as well suited to a job search as to a retraining which requires a 180 ° turn. If you have a strong motivation and the ability to take charge then the support of a coach is right for you.

The advantage of professional coaching is that it gives you new professional opportunities that you might not have thought of at first. It makes it possible to reconcile personal and professional development. And above all, it does not lock you into pre-established boxes. If you are bubbling over with ideas, this method allows you to sort and refocus yourself in order to move forward in your project. If, on the contrary, you do not know where to go, it gives you a methodology to find the elements that matter within you. This allows you to open new doors and not miss any opportunity.

The downside to this method is that it requires a lot more autonomy. The coach will not give you all the answers to your questions. He is there to help you identify your needs and your bottlenecks. Then the work is done in collaboration with him. The goal is not to restrain yourself and to let yourself be in control for the duration of this profound process which can be at the origin of great upheavals in your daily life. This approach requires having made the decision to start making a change, sometimes profound, in your professional and personal life.

The cost of professional coaching is higher, it can vary from 200 € to 700 € per hour. This training can be paid for by your OPCA or Pôle Emploi if the training organization is recognized and accepted.

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