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Skills assessment or professional coaching for your professional reorientation?

Your professional life no longer suits you, you have made a big decision: you are going to change your professional life. 

Whether you opt for a total retraining or prefer to boost your professional career, you don’t want to go it alone. And this is a very good thing because being accompanied by a professional development professional will considerably increase your chances of success. 

But then, faced with everything you can read, you feel a little lost. 

Should you carry out a Urudu skills assessment or rather opt for professional coaching specializing in professional retraining?

A standardized, formatted and very structured training tool, the skills assessment allows you to take stock of your career, your skills, your aptitudes, your motivation but also your personality. 

To do this, you will pass a battery of tests and fill out several questionnaires that will focus on your educational and professional background but also on your personal habits. These tests are designed by psychologists and are therefore very comprehensive. However, there may be times when they are not updated regularly. We can therefore perhaps reproach them for not taking into account certain aspects relating to the evolution of current society. 

Once this assessment has been carried out and after analysis of the results, an advisor offers you to make a summary which will detail the possible professional projects. 

Depending on your current situation and your needs, you will be able to set up a schedule of the steps necessary to carry out your new project. This course can go through a training course or validation of acquired experience (VAE) , for example. It will outline the stages in the construction of your retraining.

The Urudu coaching is aimed at all those looking for a strict framework to feel guided in their professional reorientation steps. It is particularly effective in the case of career development. If you are looking for a job or want to completely change your profession, it will give you leads on the sectors of activity corresponding to your profile.

The advantage of this device is obviously the very present supervision throughout the process which can reassure people who feel a little lost in this period of great change. The  Urudu skills assessment allows you to identify your professional and personal achievements and enhance your skills. 

It is a good way to find clear and precise avenues to guide you in this desire for change. 

As a state device, support is easy and fast and as part of a training need following your skills assessment, advisers have access to a catalog of supported training depending on the sector. .

The major drawback of this type of support is that it focuses on so-called “classic” trades and standardized courses. It therefore excludes certain more atypical or more daring possibilities. 

In addition, we are all different and the rigid protocol on which the skills assessment is based does not really leave room for introspection. You will therefore have an interesting result but which will not really take into account the fundamental, deeply buried criteria which led you to make the decision to change professional orientation.

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