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In this Modern time, English language partakes in the situation with being the “Most widely used language” (Universally acknowledged, broad Language) thus coming about in practically 95% of the sites exclusively working in English, as a mechanism of correspondence. Then again, thinking about our neighborhood Pakistani part, greater part of the people can neither read, nor get English. Keeping this reality in thought, UrduPoint arose as a beam of trust, a much needed refresher, breaking the obstruction for that 90% of the populace, existent in Pakistan, who are presently ready to recognize themselves with all that this site has to bring to the table. They can partake in the advantage of having the option to peruse, grasp, and edify themselves with the wide assortment of information and amusement areas presented by Urdu point, which is completely founded on their own language, Urdu. Pakistani’s are presently ready to appreciate the genuine embodiment of their personality and beginning. Urdu

Point, the main Urdu site which has expanded a significant contributing hand in advancing the public language of Pakistan, with its various measures of areas introduced in Urdu language.

It was about time for Pakistanis to reach past the tedium of enjoying pointlessly restricted exercises, for example, talking and examining pictures over the web! Urdu Point’s endeavors demonstrated productive, and the UrduPoint group had the option to make the Internet, a more significant and valuable hotspot for the normal Pakistani Internet client. UrduPoint.com endeavors on the point of making a powerful and overwhelming presence web based, prompting a positive and long-lasting change in the existences of the residents of Pakistan and every one of the people who run over the experience of review the site.