Ali Pur Ka Aili By Mumtaz Mufti

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The novel Ali Pur ka Aili is a vast autobiographical novel written by Mumtaz Mufti. It is a long novel to read.  It was first published as a novel in 1961 and won the Adamji Literary Award. According to Ibn Ansha, this book became famous because it did not get the Adamji Award, but despite this, it was well received in literary circles, and Mumtaz Mufti’s literary status became more stable than before.

In Urdu literature, Mumtaz Mufti is a well-known author. His wide-ranging concepts and wild imagination gave Urdu literature new subject matter options as well as new definitions for its various genres. 

Ali Pur Ka Aili Novel Summary &  Book Review

Despite penning numerous short stories and sketches, Mumtaz Mufti’s reputation in the Urdu-speaking world was cemented by this book.

This book is also referred to as the Granth Sahib of Urdu literature. Additionally, this book received the Adamji Award.

Mumtaz Novel’s novel Ali Pur ka Aili is both a fiction book and an autobiography. The author’s biography is divided into two parts: the book under consideration and Alakh Nagari.It si large and more comprehensive contains 984 pages.

Second Part: Alakh Nagari

When it comes to the novel’s theme, we discover that it is divided into two parts. First, Mumtaz Mufti went against his own authority. Second, understanding the psychology of women.

For a long time, the book was thought of as a fictional work that tracked the different stages and observations of a character’s life as well as how his personality developed. In later publications, Mufti disclosed that the story was based on 40 years of his own life, with most of the events being true to life. The story’s events took place before the country’s independence.

The author, Elias Eli, is the main character of the book. The author discusses a family named the Asifi family in this book. The Asifi family is actually the Mufti family, and the real names of the locations have been written, despite the author initially not disclosing this (he did so in 1995). These are just two examples of how many real aspects of life are evident in them.

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You can discover more about the author’s character and life story by reading this book. Additionally, you can find excellent fiction written in the Urdu literary tradition. The book promises to keep readers interested on nearly every page with surprises, romance, excitement, adventure, grief, and hope. Every Urdu reader should read this.

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