Black Hole Theory

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Black holes are an observational fact – we have discovered super massive black holes at the center of many galaxies – and every galaxy also contains relatively low mass black holes that are the result of stars exploding as supernovae. Residues consist of mass – black holes are not pathways from one place to another, just a manifestation of too much mass concentrated into too little space – white holes are nothing – although the theory of expansion Some solutions to the equations predict white holes, but white holes emit large amounts of energy, and there is no place in the observable universe where such an energy emission has been observed. Many experts consider the white hole prediction to be just a side effect of mathematical equations, which may be because the theory of relativity is still not a complete theory and needs to be improved- The objection of the members is also correct that science is not conclusive but since science is based on observations and its methodology is capable of correcting its own errors, its predictions are reliable.

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