Digestive System Of Human

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Exhaling forcefully!! Written by: Dr. Hafeezul Hasan Which is the science that says that the breath should not be taken too forcefully during inhalation so that water can reach the stomach? First of all, water does not go up from the bottom like that. If you’ve seen bicycle tires, they have a valve that doesn’t let air in or out unless it’s pressed. Then a needle is attached to the air filling pipe which pushes the air in by removing the valve. In such a human body, the stool area, which is actually part of the large intestine, has a rectal valve that prevents you from passing stool immediately. Supposedly, if you need it, it doesn’t happen that everything comes out right away? This rectal valve inside you holds stool until you find a suitable place to defecate. This is the first thing that the people who are talking about caution issues in Istanje do not know because they have never seen the shape of a science book and they do not know the alphabet and b of human anatomy. The second important thing is that how can the water in the stomach go from below? Ask those who tell you about digestive problems, brother, the path from the stomach to the intestines is from the top down, where the intestines are so complex that everything you eat slowly moves from the stomach to the intestines thanks to gravity and the muscles of the digestive system. i goes Either you defecate with a car wash water hose that has such a pressure that the water from the feces directly crosses the intestines and reaches the stomach, otherwise it is only science that the water reaches the stomach by breathing while defecating. According to the rules, it is kind of impossible. That’s why I say learn science, otherwise such problems will also confuse you and then you will keep asking problems from people who don’t know anything. #Dr. Hafeez Al Hasan

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