E Stamp Vendor Portal Online Challan Form

E Stamp Vendor Portal Online Challan Form is available on this page. The Punjab government has introduced the E-stamp program, which aims to streamline the process of obtaining stamp papers. To access the E-stamp, individuals can utilize the online portal launched by the Punjab Information Technology Board. To receive an E-stamp, it is mandatory to fill up the Challan form through the portal. The program offers both judicial and non-judicial E-stamp papers online.

Once the application is submitted, the concerned department is obligated to provide the E-stamp within 2 to 3 days. The convenience of this program lies in the fact that there is no need for physical visits to government offices to acquire E-stamp papers. To utilize this service, individuals need an internet connection to access and apply through the E-stamp online Challan form on the portal. This initiative makes the process of obtaining E-stamps efficient, hassle-free, and easily accessible for the citizens of Punjab in the year 2023.

E Stamp Vendor Portal 2023 Challan Form

Simply complete your Challan form online and get it printed by visiting the applicable E stamping link. Then receive your E stamping paper from the Bank of Punjab branch. The Punjab government derives a sizable portion of its income through stamp duty selection. By way of the Revenue Board, it is collected.

The Punjab E-Stamp Vendor Portal is powered by PITB. Online challan forms are available and simple for everyone to download. E Stamp paper must be purchased by applicants. Different fees apply for multiple E-stamped papers. The Bank of Punjab has been chosen by the Punjabi government to submit the E Stamp paper fee.

E Stamp Online Verification

The Punjab government has taken a significant step towards modernizing its governance system by introducing E-stamp papers online. This move is aimed at promoting transparency in the government’s operations. Under this E-governance policy, citizens can now conveniently obtain stamp papers online, eliminating the need for physical visits to government offices.

The main objective of this initiative is to streamline the process of collecting stamp duty, which will now be done through the Treasury Offices of the district and authorized vendors. The value of the non-judicial E-stamp paper has been set at Rs. 1000, and for higher denomination papers, individuals can acquire them directly from the District Treasury offices.

E Stamp Vendor Portal

  • The system will be updated with the names and CNICs of the buyer, seller, and person acquiring stamp papers.
  • Create a new Challan Form 32-A to pay Stamp Duty.
  • Calculate the DC Value of your land and pay the Comparison Fee, Ahl-e-Commission, or Def. CVT/Reg on your current Challan Form 32-A.
  • Please review or print the current Challan Form 32-A.
  • Pay any stamp duty overpayment or penalty on e-Stamps.
  • Look over your e-Stamps.
  • To acquire adhesive stamps, create a fresh Challan Form 32-A.
  • To settle any overdue fees, generate a new Challan Form 32-A.
  • Make a new Challan Form to make a payment.

Cost of Copies

  • Make a Stamp Application or a Refund Challan.
  • Examine or print another copy of a current refund application.
  • To pay a bill, create a new Challan Form.
  • In order to pay your PLRA Service Charges, create a Challan Form.

e Stamp Vendor Portal Punjab 2023

Challan Form No. 32-ACheck Online
Pay Comparison Fee, Ahl-e-Commission or Deficient CVT/RegistrationCheck Online
Verify or Print Challan 32-ACheck Online
Calculate DC ValuationCheck Online
Pay Stamp Duty Deficiency or PenaltyCheck Online
Verification Through WebCheck Online
Challan Form No. 32-A (Adhesive Stamps)Check Online
Challan Form No. 32-A (Stamp Vendor)Check Online
Challan Form (Copying Fee)Check Online
Generate Refund ApplicationCheck Online
Challan Form (PLRA Service Charges)Check Online
Challan Form (Low Denomination)Check Online
Verify or Print Refund ApplicationCheck Online

How to Submit Challan Form No. 32-A for Stamp Duty Payment

  • Open your browser and go to the e Stamping website.
  • The icon or link next to it should be clicked.
  • Click “AGREES” to continue with the process.
  • Give accurate information when completing the form.
  • Give the deed’s details.
  • Print your document by locating the print button.
  • Once you have a print, double-check it.

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