Girl Story In English

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A girl’s story from her mouth.

I am a girl ….

If I say more, clever.
Shut up then press.

If I read it quickly.
If you don’t read, you are ignorant.

If I fight for my right, my face will explode.
And if you remain silent, God bless you.

Shameless if I say I like my companion.
And if I bow my head to the decisions of the elders, then I will be a sheep.

If my marriage is not happening, it is my fault.
Even if I am divorced, it is my fault.

I am a mother, sister, wife and daughter.
I am the mother, sister, wife and daughter of others, so I am a free property.

If I wear pants, it’s modern.
Backward if I wear abaya.

I am a modern girl.
I am simple, so “Sister”.

If I make up, it is artificial.
Pando if I don’t make up.

If I leave the house, I am overconfident.
If I stay at home, I have no confidence.

If I stay in the kitchen,
I play cricket.

If I use social media, it got out of hand.
When I went to seminary, I became religious.

If I work with men, I am open-minded.
If I refuse to work with men, I will be back.

I am stuck in self-created traditions, rituals and customs.
Because I am not a boy but a “girl”.

This religion has given me a high position.
Then why people don’t celebrate my birth?

Therefore, whoever thinks like that.
He checked me like that.

I live with all these attitudes.
Because I am a prisoner of a free country.

I want to fly.
But my wings are cut before flying.

I want to breathe in the free air.
But the atmosphere here is haunted.

Not those who scratch my dreams and suppress my abilities.
Rather ….
Be the one who decorates my dreams and awakens my abilities.


Before I was a girl.
I am a living person.

In this society of men, I have to live with my head up.
And in this society of men, I have to make myself happy.
I also have some dreams, aspirations and wishes of my own.
I am a beautiful creature created by Allah as a “mother” Allah has created paradise under my feet, then this society is mine as much as it is for men. ❣️

I am a girl ….
I am not weak.✌️
Because my “Allah” has not made me weak

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