Solar Eclipse Disadvantages, Right Or Wrong

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Eclipse and pregnant lady !! Written by: Dr. Hafizul Hasan misunderstanding: pregnant women should not go out during eclipse or lunar eclipse. This will cause children with disability. This is a matter of fact that there is no scientific reason.

The eclipse or eclipse has no effect on the baby born. It is quite safe to go out in the eclipse, but seeing the sun straight during the eclipse can be sight of the eyes. But this has nothing to do with the child’s disability indirectly or indirectly. In fact, seeing the eclipse of the eclipse on the eyes without any protective lenses can affect the vision. Therefore, the affected woman’s routine can affect life, which can also affect her baby’s growth during pregnancy.

In this case when a pregnant woman tear off the eclipse and affect her sight, otherwise, the eclipse would neither affect the baby nor the mother. The rest of the eclipse is a common natural manifestation that comes from the moon’s sun and the earth. In ancient times, people did not know about it, so they thought of the eclipse and feared it. Therefore, people used to offer strange worship and gifts to avoid it. The eclipse is not merely on the earth, even on Mars when the moon of Mars comes to the sun.

There is no man there, nor does any of the gifts avoid this “disaster”. There are many more superstitions of the old age, but the purpose of saying is to think about it blindly before believing in anything that has been heard on anything for centuries. It is better if you are abandoned. #Doctor_Hafiz_ul Hassan

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