Who Deserve Charity In Islam

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People say! Let us not give to beggars Then what to do? We don’t get white ones Nor is it known Who is wearing white? Who supplies water to your home He is dressed in white, A guard standing outside a bank dressed in white, Your maid, Balloon seller on the street, The one who buys sackcloth is white, Standing in the shade of a tree or in the sun The greengrocer is an old man in white, Riding a bike from door to door with Roze The young man delivering the food panda is dressed in white, Sitting in the sun in a square Shoe polisher and shoe polisher And the dust of the street is white,

Your nearest park finance and In a mosque, the imam who receives a monthly salary of fifteen thousand is dressed in white. Twelve and thirteen-year-old children working at the workshop are dressed in white. There will also be many white people in your family. find them, Recognize by faces. And in their hands, Let’s give it to their homes.

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