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Zombie Fact or Fiction!! Written by: Dr. Hafeezul Hasan You have often seen zombies in Hollywood movies. In the movies, zombies are actually walking rotting corpses created by the spread of a virus, or by another zombie biting a normal human. Zombies do not have thinking or environmental awareness. They have only one ability, eating human flesh. When did the concept of zombies come to human civilizations and when did they appear in movies? Know this first. Archaeologists believe that the ancient Greeks had a fear of zombies. How did they know this?

Zombie Facts Science

In many areas such graves have been found in which huge stones were placed on top of the structures. Probably to prevent the dead from walking again. In the recent past, zombie folklore can be found in the North American country of Haiti in the 17th century. Where slaves were brought from Africa to cultivate sugarcane. In these stories, the concept of zombies was used as a metaphor for the difficult life of these slaves or their freedom only after death.

In West Africa, Brazil, and many countries in Latin America, followers of the “voodoo” religion also believe in zombies. , make a powder from bones and animal flesh that turns humans into zombies. This powder is called zombie powder.

What does science say about this? If a person is given a certain type of chemical that may also be present in zombie powder, called tetrodotoxin, a small amount of it can cause some of the symptoms that make a person look like a zombie, such as walking. There may be difficulty, shortness of breath or confusion. Overuse of this chemical can cause a person to go into a coma or even die.

However, the way zombies are shown in movies has no basis in science. It is just fiction. The concept of zombies gained momentum in the modern era when a film came out in 1962 called Night of the Living Dead. After the popularity of this movie, many movies have been made in Hollywood in which zombies are shown. The zombies in these films lack moving bodies and lack the ability to think. Note: Any similarities in this text are purely coincidental or the result of seventy-five year policies. #Dr. Hafeez Al Hasan

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